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Miguel Laino

1. Black Portrait of a Poet

2. Fugaz Realidad, K-holes and Fragmented Reality and Right Back to Right Now

3. The Long Walk Ahead While Looking Back in Disbelief

4. No There, No Then…

5. Patient

6. Designated Guardian

7. The Observer Effect

8. Salvado 

9. Stepping Across the Edge of the In-between

10. Memory Eraser

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"I need to date a gentleman in the street and a nigga who ain’t afraid to treat me like a slave in the sheets u feel me"

All about it.

"Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it."

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Araki Nobuyoshi - Flower Shade

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You might remember Keigo Shinzo from this roundtable with Taiyō Matsumoto and Inio Asano which made the rounds a few weeks back; here he draws a pair of lovers fucking maniacally while Godzilla smashes their town. Note that this is *not* dōjinshi, but the artist’s contribution to a special all-Godzilla issue of the mainstream seinen magazine Big Comic Original.

(Godzilla Couple, Keigo Shinzo)


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